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  • Protect against rodent infestations under your home.

  • Protect pipes and other home underpinnings from the elements.

  • Helps stabilize home temperatures by enclosing space under your home.

  • Help prevent moisture buildup that can lead to hazardous mold growths.

  • Keep the space secure from inquisitive small children suffering an injury.

  • Can help lower insurance costs.

The functional protections provided by manufactured home skirting are obviously a dollar-smart investment. On the appearance side, skirting options also provide excellent benefits.

If you were to speak to a real estate agent about what best drives home values and listing prices, other than location, they would probably say curb appeal. The impression that friends and neighbors get when seeing your home for the first time is a lasting one.

Knowing that your home is admired provides homeowners with a sense of pride and accomplishment. After all, home ownership is often the single largest purchase families make when putting down roots. The way your home looks matters.

That’s why manufactured home dealers provide customers with a wide selection of materials, designs and skirting options.

Manufactured Home Skirting Options

Choosing the best home skirting option can be complex and prospective buyers would be wise to work closely with a manufactured home professional. Skirting comes in a wide range of materials and each has its pros and cons.

Different materials also come in a variety of styles. That means there is a wide range of skirting ideas to sort through. Consider these skirting options when customizing your manufactured home’s exterior.

Mobile Home Vinyl Skirting

Vinyl Mobile Home Skirting Company  Mesh Guard

Ranked among the most popular skirting options, this material tends to be easy on the wallet and quite attractive. Vinyl skirting panels tend to be relatively simple to install and that helps lower labor costs. Vinyl skirting is generally installed using four distinct products: panels, ground track, top back, and top front. The panels generally come in 12-foot lengths and can be modified to fit the particulars of manufactured home installation.

For example, homes that rest on pitched landscapes can utilize vinyl by cutting panels to suit. It is not difficult for a contractor to have a panel begin at two feet and end at one foot. Pitched landscapes will require a certain level of expertise when calculating materials.

The ground track is secured by long rods driven into the earth and then bolted together. The top back runs along the home’s bottom prior to installation and the top front runs lengthwise along the outside.

Once the four pieces are assembled, vinyl skirting provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance that won’t break the bank. Another benefit of mobile home vinyl skirting options is that it outpaces many other materials in terms of being environmentally friendly.

Mesh Guard Decorative Stone

Artificial Novik Stone Mobile Home Skirting Installation Company Mesh Guard

This class of insulated mobile home skirting is generally manufactured from polyurethane and bears an uncanny likeness to real stone and brick. Standard panels are generally 46.25 x 24 inches and run 1.25 inches in thickness.

Unlike the above-mentioned skirting options, these usually require 2x2 or 2x4 framing. The panels are often secured to the lumber or a metal frame. Some manufactured homeowners have contractors frame the underpinning with plywood first and then secure the skirting. This option provides heightened insulation. 

These polyurethane panels tend to be unusually lightweight and stand up to radically shifting temperatures well. Although the skirting prices for polyurethane panels run higher than vinyl and simulated rock, the curb appeal and weather resistance can make them an excellent choice.

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In terms of pure function, skirting cost is far outweighed by the benefits it delivers.

Benefits of Mobile Home Skirting

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